All electrical installations deteriorate over time. We’ll monitor this wear and tear for you and ensure your building remains safe and operational. Afterwards you’ll receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

We inspect and repair portable electrical equipment, including heavy plant and fixed appliances up to 400v. We’ll create a digital register of your appliances and ensure you comply with all the relevant codes of practice.

Our skilled engineers can look after every aspect of your electrical wiring. We look after a range of buildings including commercial offices, warehouses, education buildings, industrial facilities, and hospitality centres. You’ll always receive an electrical installation certificate to demonstrate your compliance when work is complete.

These are a fast, efficient, and nonintrusive way to detect faults in inaccessible places. We use the latest cameras and software to support broader testing and identify problems that the eye cannot see. This reduces the risk of power failure and electrical fires. Detailed reports will be provided for every survey.

We offer everything from non-intrusive checks on live equipment to fully detailed electrical and mechanical maintenance during scheduled shutdowns. This can be limited to just the moving parts of the equipment, or we can offer comprehensive maintenance of the equipment itself.

Non-intrusive inspection can be carried out both visually and using thermal imaging. Hotspots, loose connections, and insulation breakdowns will be detected before they become an expensive problem to fix.

Buildings that withstand lightning strikes often suffer huge damage to electrical equipment from the accompanying electrical surges. As experienced installers and servicers of surge protection devices (SPDs) we can protect you from this risk.

It is a legal requirement to have reliable and regularly tested emergency lighting. We can install and maintain an effective system that complies with fire safety orders.

Our EV specialists, designers, and installation teams provide a full, end-to-end, EV charging solution, for every type of charging need across the whole UK.

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